Hitting back at Byass

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How I would dearly love to be in the shoes of Chris Jowett right now. There I am, the chief solicitor to the biggest player in the domestic property market with all the power to change the way conveyancing is done and I am told by Mr Kenneth Byass that 'I have to recognise that the Law Society's objections to Standard Mortgage Instructions are legitimate'.

I would love to respond to that by saying: 'I am your client Mr Byass. I can instruct you howsoever I wish, and if you do not accept these instructions, please let me know so that I can make alternative arrangements.' Oh the joy of being able to respond to such arrogance in this way. But alas, I am not Chris Jowett and he is too much of a gentleman to act as I would. Mr Byass must be aware that Mr Jowett does indeed have alternatives available, but regrettably Mr Byass chooses to ignore the existence of those options.

If lenders decide to go in-house, use a Super Panel, or best yet, effect a different form of insurance than that offered by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, will Mr Byass threaten to close his savings account?

Brian Marson

Marsons, Bromley.