Hill Dickinson goes barking mad

Good old Hill Dickinson. Not content with supporting local arts by sponsoring Liverpool’s role as the 2008 European City of Culture, the firm is going all green-fingered with a new plan to become ‘carbon-neutral’.

Carbon neutrality, in case you were unsure, is the latest green campaign. The idea is that you first work out how much carbon dioxide your organisation pumps into the atmosphere each year through transport, electricity usage and the like. Then you pay money to plant trees so that they return that amount of carbon to the environment.

Hill Dickinson’s effort sees it working with an environmental company to plant more than 1,000 trees in the Liverpool area. When the trees are mature they will also provide a quiet woodland spot for the local community. The next step in Hill Dickinson’s environmental revolution is for the firm to switch to renewable energy sources. Is this the greenest law firm in the UK? Answers to the usual address.