Hey press do!

Kudos to Nabarro Nathanson for picking the ultra-cool Soho Hotel for its ‘end-of-year’ press party on Thursday 18 May.

As well as brilliant canapés, proper champagne and outrageous décor, the firm laid on a wandering conjuror to prowl the room, astonishing partners and hacks with his tricks.

One Nabarros partner particularly impressed by the magician was tax guru Jim Mottram, who moonlights as an amateur prestidigitator himself. At the firm’s annual summer party Mottram can be seen impressing colleagues with card tricks, in between hosting the Nabarros ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ contest. Apparently Mottram also spent the Champions League half-time break in Covent Garden, cards in hand, bamboozling unwary tourists. However, Mottram was unfortunately too overwhelmed by the hired magician to break out his cards at the press party. Pity.

Elsewhere at the do, managing partner Nicky Paradise related her anger at her husband and children cheering for Barcelona against Arsenal and giggling behind her back in the kitchen when the devoted Gunners fan was decidedly grumpy.

Tulkinghorn’s favourite snippet came from Nabarros’ marketing bods, who let slip that The Lawyer’s inaugural Mipim blog played a big role in the firm’s plans for next year’s festivities down on the Cannes beaches. No more plastic 70p sunglasses…