Hextalls joint head of technology, media and telecoms has quit the firm and moved to Helsinki to join top 10 Finnish firm Mäkitalo Rämö Juutilainen.

Andrew Cotton joins as senior legal counsel at the five-partner firm. He aims to focus on the UK and Baltic markets.

“I believe what I and Mäkitalo Rämö Juutilainen will be offering will be unique in that I’ll be based in Helsinki offering City of London experience. Essentially, in terms of location, ease of use and value for money, I believe we have a lot to offer,” said Cotton.

Cotton has been doing business in Finland, where he also met his wife, for around five years, advising Finnish mobile technology, IT and biotechnology companies.

His aim of focusing on the Baltic highlights a growing trend of Finnish firms embracing the region. Last year, Finland’s largest firm Roschier Holmberg launched Baltic alliance Roschier Raidla with firms from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Borenius & Kemppinen went one further than Roschier by securing joint ownership in two 12-lawyer practices in Latvia and Estonia.