Hewlett-Packard appoints new compliance officer

Embattled US company Hewlett-Packard (HP) has moved to fill the vacancy left by its ousted chief ethics and compliance officer, whose employment was terminated due to the ongoing identity fraud scandal at the company.

Jon Hoak will take over the position, succeeding Kevin Hunsaker.

Hunsaker became embroiled in the alleged identity fraud scandal as he oversaw the company’s internal examination of boardroom leaks. The methods used for the examination are now subject to a criminal investigation launched by California’s attorney general.

Hoak was formerly general counsel at NCR, the Ohio-based tech company which is also the former home of HP’s CEO, Mark Hurd.

As HP is yet to fill the general counsel role made vacant by Ann Baskins, who stepped down because of the scandal, Hoak will report directly to Hurd.

Baskins was not named in the criminal investigation that sees Hunsaker and former HP chairwoman Patricia Dunn indicted on four counts of identity fraud.

In tandem with the criminal investigation, the company is now undertaking an independent probe into what happened, instructing former federal prosecutor Brad Schwartz of Schwartz Nardello.