Here, there and everywhere

Addleshaw Goddard – a proud example of a national firm keeping its northern offices on an equal footing with London, right? Hmm, maybe not.

One of Tulkinghorn’s spies overheard the following exchange in the firm’s Aldersgate Street reception the other day: “This is the problem with a national firm. I’m supposed to have a meeting with three colleagues, but nobody’s bloody there. One’s in Leeds, one’s in Manchester and one’s in the pub.”

Later the same day the spy was able to see first hand Addleshaws’ health & safety training leap into action. A fire alarm saw the staff promptly get up and file down the stairs in an orderly fashion out the back to the car park. Tulkinghorn suspects it might have something to do with the ear-bleeding wail emitted by the siren, but then when do associates need a second invitation to get away from their desks? Certainly the file back in after the all-clear was given was a lot slower.