Herbies’ X-Factor

This time it’s the corporate, litigation and finance head jobs that are up for grabs. Partners should have no problem deciding where to place their Xs for the first two – corporate chief Michael Walter is giving up the position with James Palmer standing unopposed to replace him while incumbent litigation head Sonya Leydecker is standing unopposed for another term (see story).

Choosing the firm’s next finance head will be a little bit trickier, with acquisition finance partners Malcolm Hitching and Ewen Fergusson preparing to do battle for the job.

Like Gold, who has been growing close to the Conservative party in recent months, helping David Cameron with his MPs’ expenses investigation, both are committed Tories. If the vote was being decided on grounds of political influence Fergusson would probably pip Hitching to the post, given that he rubbed shoulders with Cameron and Boris Johnson in that notorious Bullingdon pic.

Just as well they aren’t being judged on their political affiliations, then. But with both partners noted as stars in the admittedly quiet acquisition finance world, it looks like this election will be even harder to call than the real one in May.


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