Herbies’ home banker

After coming in as a fresh graduate from India, Herbert Smith India group associate Siddharth Gyaltsen has moved back to his native country, but still managed to remain part of the Herbies family.

Is there a loophole in the law?It would appear not. Gyaltsen is now a consultant for the firm’s India group, with a remit to establish relationships with Indian universities and recruit Indian graduates into the ever-growing Herbies family.

It seems a natural progression for the former associate, who had been involved in setting up and developing the firm’s relationships with Indian universities, such as Bangalore’s National Law School of India.

The idea, apparently the brainchild of India group chair Chris Parsons, means that Gyaltsen will be rewarded for his efforts with an incentive-based remuneration plan.

In addition, if Herbies’ India group has an overwhelming workload, they will source it out to Gyaltsen, who will bill the firm his usual hourly rates.