Heat wave

Contrary to how most people probably felt while clambering from their beds this morning, today is not actually the most depressing day of the year.

Officially, we have to wait a couple of weeks for that particular delight, according to those in the know.

But, apparently, those of us who had forgotten what our offices looked like over the turkey and ibuprofen season may yet be suffering from ’social jet lag’ – a condition of extreme lethargy brought about by the body’s failure to understand what it is doing awake when it’s so very cold and dark out there.

Not so for the gifted lawyers featured in this year’s Hot 100 supplement, whose combined thermo-nuclear capacity would undoubtedly be enough to power a mid-size space shuttle.

The class of 2011 is a disparate bunch. From stars of the bar like Doughty Street defamation expert Heather Rogers, whose broad church of clients includes Private Eye and George Galloway, to corporate heavyweights like Ashurst cider connoisseur Stephen Lloyd via Burges Salmon’s Stephen McNulty – the brains behind a scheme to find new firms for stranded Halliwells trainees – the ways of getting on to the list are myriad.

But what unites the lot is the basic fact that each and every one of them is pretty darnn crash hot at what they do. Which is particularly useful when trying to battle through that icy January chill.

Happy New Year everybody.