Head in the clouds

Tulkinghorn is not in good spirits this week. He always thought he had the biggest toy in town, but no longer. Nick Pike, an insolvency partner from Lawrence Graham, has the keys to a DC10 in his pinstripe suit, which as Tulkinghorn writes is parked in one of the designated areas usually reserved for hijacked planes at Heathrow Airport.
The plane cannot take off again until satisfactory settlement can be reached with the airline's creditors. Apparently, Pike offered to look after the keys, claiming that he is an expert on mile-high travel. Tulkinghorn heard that he once bought a ticket on Concorde to travel to a business meeting and even paid for it himself. But quite why having flying skills is a prerequisite for being a key keeper is beyond Tulkinghorn, unless Pike has more long-term plans about his role as guardian.
Tulkinghorn takes solace in the fact that, as soon as a settlement is reached, Pike will have to relinquish the keys. Prepare for protracted negotiations.