HBJ Gateley Wareing’s turnover soars post-merger

HBJ Gateley Wareing was also riding high after its turnover soared to £31m off the back of its Anglo-Scottish merger at the beginning of the year (The Lawyer, 22 May).

The firm, which merged on 1 January, recorded an astronomical 81 per cent increase on Gateley Wareing’s turnover of £17.1m last year.

Comparing like for like, Gateley Wareing posted a 15 per cent increase, contributing £19.7m to the overall figure, while Henderson Boyd Jackson made up the remaining £11.3m.

Despite the hike, Gateley Wareing’s growth slowed from last year’s, when it posted a 21 per cent increase in revenue.

HBJ Gateley Wareing senior partner Mike Ward says turnover exceeded the anticipated figure during its first financial year.

“At the time of the merger we projected turnover to reach £29m and we’ve done even better than that,” he says. “Our corporate team had the strongest year – the group was up by 25 per cent.