Hays DX recognises post monitoring system

Legal mail delivery service Hays DX is to recognise a new monitoring process after allegations of overcharging were exposed in The Lawyer.

A number of law firms claimed earlier this year (The Lawyer, 11 January) that the company was charging too much because its system for calculating fees was based on inaccurate estimates.

The new device from franking machine company Frankotyp Postalia will accurately record all DX usage and provide a printout showing how many items have been sent and their cost.

Hays DX has agreed to recognise the machine and will accept the data it provides for the calculation of the annual subscription.

At the moment a firm effectively pays for the volume of mail that Hays DX expects it to send in the coming year.

The prediction is based on the amount of mail which was sent in the previous year which is calculated after four weeks monitoring by Hays DX.

Hays DX spokesman Brian Hardie says: “If members choose to use this machine to automatically monitor DX mail volumes then, as with all submissions, Hays DX will be happy to consider this as part of the monitoring process.”

Cost reduction specialist BCR Associates, which claims to have secured tens of thousands of pounds in rebates for law firms from Hays DX, welcomes the new system.

The director of BCR David Ballard says: “It's good to see that Hays are at last recognising there is a mail counting problem.”