Harmans’ family fortunes

It definitely pays to be a law firm that employs a Harman sister. Three firms at which Harriet Harman’s sisters are working received almost £650,000 in legal aid and legal services payments, according to the now defunct Department of Constitutional Affairs’ (DCA) last resources account.

Harman & Harman, where the deputy leader of the Labour Party’s sister Sarah Harman is senior partner, received £475,144 for legal aid work.

Legal aid payments had also been made to London-based law firm Denniss Matthews Solicitors totalling £61,900: Harriet’s sister Virginia Harman is the head of the family law department there.

And finally, Cripps Harries Hall received payments for legal services to the tune of £107,683. The former DCA minister’s sister Janet Higbee is an employee at Cripps.

As a thoughtful soul once put it: “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”