Michael Coleman, lawyer to the Hamiltons, Jonathan Aitken and Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt, has retired at the age of 45.

Michael Coleman, a partner at Harkavys, launched a libel claim on behalf of the Hamiltons in October against Nadine Milroy Sloan, who accused them of sexual assault. Her allegations have since been dismissed by police, and the Hamiltons are suing for defamation. Hark-avys, a small West End crime and insolvency firm, intends to keep the Hamiltons case.
The case is in the hands of a senior Harkavys solicitor. A spokesperson for the firm said that Coleman, who also defended the Hamiltons after their arrest, decided the time was right to retire as the worst was over for the Hamiltons.
“Now that the police have ceased investigations, the case can continue on an even keel,” said the spokesperson.
Sources close to the libel case say that it is not likely to progress at a fast pace. Harkavys has still not established how the Hamiltons will pay for the legal work. The firm has also just decided to relocate to smaller premises.