Harbottles scores with Steven Gerrard

Media law firm Harbottle & Lewis put the ball in the back of Taylor Wessing’s net when it won the libel match for Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard against the publishers of London Sport magazine.

Echo Publishing are having to pay the England footballer an undisclosed amount after its magazine claimed, both in print and on its website, that Gerrard was considering a move from Liverpool to Real Madrid and was due to have high-level talks with Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon.

Harbottle’s partner Gerrard Tyrrell, the firm’s head of the litigation, who acted for Gerrard said that the articles were completely untrue and without any foundation whatsoever and had caused the sportsman and his family considerable embarrassment and distress.

Tyrrell, in a statement, said: “The true position is that Steven Gerrard has not been involved in secret talks with Real Madrid or indeed any other football club relating to a possible move. He is more than happy to stay at Liverpool to whom he is contracted”.

Echo Publishing, who have agreed to pay Gerrard’s damages, legal costs and have apologised for the distress caused, were represented by partner Niri Shanmuganathan from Taylor Wessing.