Harbottle takes on Harry’s bum rap

Harbottle & Lewis partner Gerrard Tyrrell has found himself at the centre of the first big post-Leveson test of the freedom of the British press.

He has been instructed by his highest-profile client, the Royal Family, to liaise with the Press Complaints Commission to try to prevent Prince Harry’s backside being splashed across the UK’s newstands.

For 24 hours, national newspaper editors appeared to adhere to a Harbottle letter, which cited Harry’s right to an “expectation of privacy”.

The Sun’s ‘creative’ department quickly got to work, stripping a 21-year-old intern and a picture editor to mock-up photos of a nude Harry for its front page – demonstrating an alternative path into the journalism profession.

But with tabloid websites losing out on millions of hits as their readers went elsewhere for their titillation, the uneasy truce was over quicker than a game of Las Vegas strip billiards.

The Sun has today put Harry’s pasty-but-tasty frame on its front page, with nought but a necklace to cover his modesty.

It brings a whole new meaning to private client.


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