Harbottle and Wiggin in Jerry Springer fight

No stranger to angry confrontation, The Jerry Springer Show made its first appearance in the Court of Appeal last week. Media firms Harbottle & Lewis and Wiggin are facing off in court, representing clients Universal, which makes the show, and Flextech, which owns lifestyle cable channel Living TV. Universal is suing Flextech for breach of contract, after it refused to pay for any more episodes of The Jerry Springer Show, which it claims had grown too risqué to show on television. Lord Justices Jacob and Neuberger sympathised with Flextech in a preliminary ruling, as the channel could only show 14 of the 190 episodes in the 2002 season. Neuberger LJ referenced a particularly fruity episode of The Jerry Springer Show, entitled ‘Cheaters’ Bazaar’, as an example. Wiggin, and client Flextech, must now prove their evidence is factually accurate to complete the victory.