Happy Monday

Given it’s a Monday, there’s a whole lot to be smiling about today.

For one, it’s the first full day of British Summer Time so if we’re lucky we might start seeing some daylight when we leave work of an evening. And if that’s not enough for you, it’s also the start of two consecutive four-day weeks.

 And if spirits at Freshfields needed any more of a spring boost today a couple of other tidbits have come winging their ways out of Fleet Street this morning.

To kick off, the firm has become the first of the magic circle to announce its annual partner promotions and has bucked the trend by upping its number from last year (see story). There are also three times the amount of London-based partners compared with 12 months ago.

Then came the news that Freshfields landed the prize mandate advising Volvo’s new Chinese owners (see story). The deal should see the firm get a sizeable chunk of what corporate chiefs are hoping will be a lucrative M&A market in the east.

It’s a different story a couple of tube stops away at Ashurst, where senior management is still coming under fire from its aggrieved partnership after a stormy crisis meeting earlier this month (see story).

Still, it wouldn’t be a Monday if everyone was happy, would it?