Hammonds accused of bad practice

Hammond Suddards Edge has come under fire for an alleged failure to make proper disclosures to an employment tribunal brought by ABN Amro's head of legal.

Tom Conlon, former head of legal at ABN Amro, is suing the company for unfair dismissal under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

Conlon was sacked last February. The action centres on a report alleging insider dealing, which Conlon says was ignored by ABN Amro chairman Jan Kalff. ABN Amro rejects the allegations.

At Stratford Employment Tribunal last week, Conlon accused ABN Amro, advised by Hammonds, of failing to make proper disclosure.

A witness statement said: “It should have been… obvious to anyone preparing these documents… that these documents were… entirely irrelevant to the issues.”

The request for further disclosure was denied, but Mr JN Leonard, presiding, said he “could not give greater emphasis to the importance in such a case of the parties making proper disclosure”.

The tribunal was adjourned until next month.