Halliwells: The end

The Halliwells employees who made it out of the firm’s final weeks with a job must be pleased that it’s all over.

After weeks of deliberations the Halliwells saga finally came to an end last week (see story).

For some that meant getting their P45. But for the rest who became new faces at Barlow Lyde & Gilbert (BLG), HBJ Gately Wareing and Hill Dickinson it meant starting afresh, drawing a line under the whole affair.

However, as we reveal details on the agreements between the firms today, it is clear that the spectre of the employees’ former firm will continue to haunt them.

Both BLG and HBJ have ringfenced their ex-Halliwells staff in separate LLPs (see story). The move was designed to mitigate any risks associated with the deals.

The canny decision sees the two firms avoiding liability for claims against the failed Manchester-based outfit.
Wise given some of the questionable decisions made by the Halliwells’ partnership prior to the firm’s break up (see story).