Gunner bummer

SJ Berwin real estate partner Nick Minkoff was the leading punter in The Lawyer’s World Cup fantasy football competition. A self-proclaimed “tactical genius”, who entered his tips only after 11pm while still in the office, Minkoff used all his tactical nous to match his team to that of his rivals, therefore protecting his lead.

It is potentially the best bit of defensive play since Italy threw nine men behind the ball against Australia (not that Tulkinghorn’s scribe is bitter at all). Minkoff, who was lucky enough to be a part of the 60-strong SJ Berwin contingent that went out to the England match against Sweden, is the lucky recipient of four tickets to the new Emirates Stadium for an Arsenal match.

In a bid to give Tulkinghorn his first grin since Ronaldo’s wink, Minkoff glumly confessed to being a diehard Spurs fan. His winning prize is valid for any game up to 1 December. A quick check of the season’s fixtures shows that Arsenal v Spurs is on 2 December. Never fear, Minkoff is delighted to offer his tickets to the highest bidder, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Who said Spurs fans are all tight-arsed?