After years of handling tough cases in Eastern Europe, one might expect Norton Rose's embattled litigation partner Juliet Blanch to be used to having all sorts of wild allegations thrown her way. However, during a recent four-month tour of arbitration duty in Georgia, even she was shocked by the accusations levelled by none other than the jealous wife of one of her trainees.

Unbeknownst to Juliet, it is customary for motel receptionists in Tbilisi to transfer incoming calls to whichever room takes their fancy. One evening Juliet was brushing her teeth before bed when she received a call from her trainee's wife who had something of a jealous moment as she thought it was her husband's room she had got through to. It took all of Juliet's persuasive powers to convince the poor woman that she had no designs on her husband, that he was in a separate room down the corridor, and that she would be grateful if she could leave her be.