Guilty of a Cardinal sin?

I am not one known to put pen to paper and sound off on a letters page. I am no "Concerned of Croydon". But I cannot stand by and watch the global behemoth of multinational business-law kill off another legal institution.

We have few enough symbols of our profession's status, history and value to allow another one to pass without a voice raised in protest.

With the law being dominated by young turks working night and

day on multi-billion Euro transactions and the Government "modernising" everything that moves, our profession is changing and not always for the best. Along with many I hold on to those traditions that unite us.

The Lawyer must of course move with the times. But please do not throw out those things for which you are also famous – your insight into the finest legal minds, your grasp of legal culture and your access to the very heart of the English legal system. Bring back Cardinal Irvine's Diary.

Charles Emmerson, Camberly, Surrey