London South Bank University has risen to 13th place in The Guardian law rankings 2018.

The former polytechnic has jumped 45 places in the table, having ranked 58th last year. It has risen from 87th place four years ago and now ranks above more established universities including Nottingham (16th), Edinburgh (19th) and Warwick (24th).

Edinburgh Napier University, in 12th place, has also risen above its more illustrious rival in the city.

Cambridge has retained top spot in the table, followed by Oxford, Queen Mary’s and Durham.

South Bank scored very highly in the student satisfaction categories, boosting its ranking. Overall, University of East Anglia students were most satisfied with the quality of teaching on their course.

The Guardian law rankings have long thrown up some surprising results, with universities regularly leaping up or plummeting down the table from year to year.

The biggest riser in the table is Bedfordshire University, which jumps 46 places in the table to 34th.

The biggest fallers are Salford, which falls 49 places to 72nd; Brunel which drops 45 places from 45th to 90th, and De Montfort, down 42 spots to 78th.

Greenwich University was the biggest winner in the rankings last year, rising 41 places to 27th. It fell back to 35th this time round.

Guardian law rankings 2018

2018 2017 Change
1 Cambridge Cambridge
2 Oxford Oxford
3 Queen Mary LSE +2
4 Durham King’s +3
5 LSE QMU -2
6 Dundee UCL +2
7 UEA Durham +3
8 Leeds Dundee +14
9 York Robert Gordon +9
10 UCL UEA -4
11 King’s Queen’s Belfast -7
12 Edinburgh Napier Edinburgh +12
13 London South Bank Birmingham +45
14 Queen’s Belfast Aberdeen -3
15 Kent Kent
16 Nottingham Warwick +1
17 Aberdeen Nottingham -3
18 Robert Gordon York -9
19 Edinburgh Derby -7
20 Ulster Sussex +20
21 Sussex Aston -1
22 Glasgow Caledonian Leeds +39
23 Bangor Salford +12
24 Warwick Edinburgh Napier -8
25 Northumbria Glasgow +12
26 Bucks New University Swansea +40
27 Glasgow Greenwich -2
28 Newcastle Bristol +3
29 Birmingham Lancaster -16
30 Coventry Manchester +33
 Rank 2018 2017 2016 2015
1 Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge
2 Oxford Oxford Oxford Oxford
3 Queen Mary LSE Queen Mary Queen Mary
4 Durham King’s Durham UCL
5 LSE Queen Mary LSE LSE
6 Dundee UCL UCL Durham
7 UEA Durham King’s Nottingham
8 Leeds Dundee UEA York
9 York Robert Gordon Edinburgh King’s