Growth slows at Four Pump, 2-3 Gray’s Inn

Four Pump Court and 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square have both posted 7 per cent increases in turnover over the past financial year, although both sets saw their growth rates reduce from the ­previous year’s.

At 2-3 Gray’s Inn, the rate of growth dropped by 2.4 ­percentage points, while ;at ;Four ;Pump Court the rate fell by 10 ­percentage points.

It means Four Pump Court has seen its revenue hit £22.6m, up from £21.1m in 2006-07, as reported in The Lawyer’s Bar Top 30.

The chambers’ chief ­executive ;Carolyn McCombe said the set had not expected to match last year’s growth.

“We had an exceptional year in 2006-07 and so couldn’t expect this year
to compare,” she said. ­“However, we’re pleased with this year’s increase in turnover – bearing in mind that it hasn’t been an easy market.

“We’re ;particularly encouraged by a general upturn in work, which has been most marked in IT and energy-related work. Our figures so far this financial year suggest that next year’s income is on target to ­produce another excellent performance.”

At ;2-3 ;Gray’s ;Inn, turnover increased from £11.6m to £12.4m during the past financial year.

Chambers director Lynne Orsborn said the set’s growth has slowed due
to economic conditions, adding that she is confident an increase in turnover will be seen again over the next 12 months.

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