Group pushes for sports arbitration

LAWYERS are working on a model contract which could form the basis of a sports arbitration service for sponsorship disputes.

The Institute of Sports Sponsorship (ISS) is putting together a framework for an arbitration system to cut down on the cost of contractual disputes.

The idea is to build up an effective system of case law on which to judge future conflicts.

ISS legal sub-committee member Richard Glynn, of City firm Nicholson Graham & Jones, says: “An essential first step in the process is the creation of an agreed 'model' contract which all parties find an acceptable base for sponsorship agreements.

“The essential contractual relationship must offer fair financial reward to sport and a reasonable return in exposure and goodwill for the sponsor and apply at all levels of sponsorship.”

The ISS has also been in discussion with sister organisation the Central Council for Physical Recreation, which has been in favour of arbitration for some time.

The institute's proposals are aimed solely at commercial disputes and would not cover disciplinary matters or constitutional matters.