Green tea

Last week the Government announced a new initiative aimed at making the UK the world leader in terms of carbon offsetting schemes. But it appears Simmons & Simmons needs no such help.

News reaches Tulkinghorn that the firm has introduced recyclable cups in its cafeteria. In keeping with the eco drive, managing partner Mark Dawkins ensures the cups are disposed of in an ethical and ecological way. Indeed, he leads by example, and was recently witnessed clearing away the teatime debris himself.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but as the Government’s offsetting figures are likely to show, it will require many, many recycled cups of tea before Dawkins’ mammoth carbon footprint is offset. The man is known to fly around the world every other week to the furthest outposts of the firm, ensuring the smooth running of Simmons’ empire.

With that in mind, by Tulkinghorn’s calculations, it will take 2,948,472 recycled cups of tea to make the firm carbon-neutral. Tulkinghorn strongly encourages Simmons lawyers and staff to hotfoot it down to the cafe and get sipping, in the spirit of collective green action. Come on, don’t be a mug.