Green around the bills

Clifford Chance has been decorating its Docklands office with trendy modern art since it moved into the building 18 months ago. The ground floor is adorned with large sculptures that wouldn’t be out of place in the Tate Modern; and the walls are covered in bright, abstract prints.

But the firm has now moved into the realms of video art. On the wall of the client reception is a large screen showing a continuous loop of blurred pictures of green foliage. Very peaceful stuff – designed to send clients (and hacks) to sleep while they await the arrival of the lawyer they’re meeting.

On the subject of sleep, Tulkinghorn proposes that the next video installation Clifford Chance puts in is Sam Taylor-Wood’s film of David Beckham asleep, currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery. Or maybe the firm should commission Taylor-Wood to make a new film featuring Peter Cornell snoozing in Central Park? Or Adam Signy kipping in his jodhpurs?

Suggestions on a postcard to the usual address, please.