Great Scott?

Scott, a former competition head who set up the firm’s Brussels office, practically has Herbies built into his DNA – having initially joined as a
fresh-faced trainee in 1979.
Ignoring practice alignment and what he actually did for a living for the last 30 years, when it came to the crunch, what Herbert Smith partners wanted was somebody who could perform the traditional senior partner duties with aplomb.
Interesting that after years of operating without a managing partner, the firm created that role and filled it with David Willis last year (see story).
So Willis gets to do the number-crunching and paper pushing while Scott will be free to focus on the taxing activity that is germane to the senior partner role. You know: schmoozing over canapés, entertaining his best clients while still influencing the firm. 

Managing partner may be top job, but everyone knows senior partners have all the fun.


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