It’s all change for the management at Linklaters. As we reveal today on, there will be not one, but two leadership vacancies in the finance department.

First, Linklaters finance and projects head Giles White is stepping down from his job to become Asia chief, leaving one hole to fill.

The second vacancy is for head of banking, just beneath. Current incumbent John Tucker has indicated that he will also be stepping down at the end of April.

In the meantime, corporate wunderkind and Asia head Simon Davies is moving back to London.

Davies’ political stock within Linklaters couldn’t be higher. He’s spent three years kicking the firm’s Asia practice into shape and is being groomed for greater things. (Linklaters partners tend to get all dreamy when they talk about Davies; it’s terribly sweet.)

There’s no way Davies is going to fade into line-partner obscurity. And there’s no way Tucker will, either.

As always, there’s a back story here. The big question is: what will Tony Angel do? His term as managing partner comes to an end at the close of the financial year. If he decides to stay, it’s highly unlikely anyone would run against him.

But if Angel chooses to stand down, there are several candidates for his job. Can you work out who?

Catrin Griffiths, editor
The Lawyer