Grand plan

Tulkinghorn is a voracious consumer of new knowledge, so a big ‘thank you’ goes to Birmingham firm Shakespeares for pointing out that 23 September is Grandparents Day.

Tulkinghorn’s grandparents, were they still around today (God rest their souls), would be getting a big apology for his oversight. What is slightly less admirable was Shakespeares’ exploitation of such a sacred day. Its press release read: “One of the most abiding memories of most children growing up is the time spent with their grandparents, from their kindness and holidays filled with treats to their constant fussing over cleanliness and appearance… Family breakdowns are still very difficult for those involved and the Government and courts are struggling to find a system that strikes a fair balance for all parties. One group that is often overlooked in this struggle is grandparents.”

Thank you.