Grand designs

Soon it will have hordes of tourists trawling through the gift shop – that’s right, gift shop – looking for mugs emblazoned with images of Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers (see blog).

Beneath the façade, however, changes are afoot, and it isn’t just the building that wants a higher public profile.

Incoming Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger thrust the new Supreme Justices into the limelight last week when he warned that fiddling with the constitution could have unintended consequences (see story).

The judiciary will want its highest ranking officials to boost their profiles, but they will not want to be seen to be radically different from the House of Lords.

After all, the move across the square from Westminster was intended to be simply symbolic and was not intended to give it more independence. The court has always been independent of politics, Michael Todd QC of the Chancery Bar Association insists.

Independent, yes – but a tourist attraction? Possibly not.