Google search brings up no results

This one is going out to Derek Scriven, who joined Google’s growing in-house team from Goldman Sachs. What Scriven will be doing at Google, who he reports to, even his start date, is top secret.

Google refused to give out any details whatsoever. This is all thanks to head office policy. No information outside a press release is to leave the company.

Scriven is a lawyer. He is not an undercover agent or in any witness protection programme – as far as we are aware.

You have to sign a non-disclosure agreement just to enter Google’s office. Although this behaviour is quite normal in the US, the country that created the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, it could create a worrying trend if UK companies followed suit.

The City would be a dull, sterile place if the only information available came in the form of carefully worded press releases.

Google: don’t be evil.