Gómez-Acebo set to launch in London

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo has revealed plans to become the latest Spanish firm to open in London.

Managing partner Manuel Martín said: “A London presence is now back on the 2007 agenda, but only as a base for Spanish lawyers.”

The move follows the launch of Cuatrecasas’s City office in July this year and rumours surrounding Garrigues’ interest in a London presence.

Madrid-based Gómez-Acebo recorded a revenue of £42.7m in 2005, making it the eighth-largest firm in Spain.

Although Gómez-Acebo only grew by 6 per cent from 2004, next year’s figures are likely to record more rapid growth as the firm follows an expansion plan.

The firm moved into larger offices in Barcelona in July to accommodate growing numbers of lawyers in the city. Gómez-Acebo also has plans to occupy another floor of its Madrid office after taking over Mullerat’s Madrid operations.

In May Gómez-Acebo snapped up a 15-lawyer team from Mullerat in Madrid.