Gobbledy cooks

Tulkinghorn is surprised that some lawyers out there still persist in cooking their own food, despite earning salaries that would shame a medieval baron.

The lawyers at CMS Cameron McKenna’s energy group have taken that idea to its logical extreme, publishing their very own recipe book entitled Cooking More Splendidly! Energy Lawyers’ Recipes for Success.

Far from being a work of satire, the volume is full of actual, cookable recipes from members of the CMS team, alongside pictures ofthe chefs slaving away over hot pans.

Delights include Munir Hassan’s renewable biryani and Gary Green’s meatballs, while no meal would be complete without head of energy Penelope Warne’s Pimm’s jelly.

The books were sold to other departments within the firm to raise money for the NSPCC, with many buying extra copies as presents for their clients.

All very nice, but Tulkinghorn is confused by one part of the book – the blurb in the front by Warne, who writes: “Farm-in to our energy kitchen, fuel up your kitchen appliances and joint venture in our ‘Recipes for Success’.”

Tulkinghorn respectfully requests a translation.