Gloster, Dame Elizabeth – Hot 100

Not satisfied with being one of the bar’s top earners, with an annual take-home pay of some £2m, this year Dame Elizabeth Gloster rose further up the slippery ladder when she was appointed the first female judge of the Commercial Court.

The post has particular kudos, as the court oversees the country’s largest cases in value terms, plus she joins a line-up of just 10 female judges on the High Court bench, compared with 99 male judges – a worthwhile honour, despite her income dropping some 13 times from what it was as a barrister.

At the Commercial Court Gloster will be able to draw on a rich and varied experience of the law, ranging from the Guinness criminal case to, most recently, Sumitomo’s case against a number of lending banks. Poignantly, the latter collapsed soon after she dropped out of it to take her place on the Commercial Court bench.

Dame Elizabeth Gloster