Glossy and drossy

Tulkinghorn was delighted to receive a copy of Stephenson Harwood's Annual Review 2002, entitled 'People Like Us'. It's such a good read that for the next few weeks Tulkinghorn will be reproducing extracts for your enjoyment. The review includes a number of photos that serve, we suppose, to illustrate the firm's unique culture and abilities.

This week, then, we have 'Marcel and Colin: onwards and upwards' (and no, it's not a piece about a couple of hairdressers). “On first meeting it doesn't surprise you to learn that Marcel Haniff and Colin Smith have been working together for 15 years,” says the review coyly, and goes on to coo: “The banter gives it away. That, and one or two unconscious references to the 'the old days'. Friendly it may be. Long-lived it may be. Cosy it certainly is not.” Gripping stuff, you would have to agree.

This gushfest may not be available from all good bookshops yet, but Tulkinghorn is happy to relay as much as possible. Next week: a top quote about John Pike.