ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Provides fast internet access. It is a standard which provides high bandwidth for data and voice connection.

CMS, Solicitec, Hotdocs and Rapidocs Examples of finance systems, case management systems and document assembly products.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management The use of software systems to preserve and search customer data.

Electronic Whiteboards A joint working/collaboration facility. Enables users to share a document or a software application in a section of screen while taking part in a video conference session.

E-procurement A method of managing/tracking purchasing by corporates. Typically found in the form of a software application that links buyers to suppliers, utilising a web environment.

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network A fast digital communications infrastructure which replaces lower performance traditional analogue lines.

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant Small hand-held devices which typically integrate with computers. These are becoming more powerful and are destined to become mobile internet access tools which will converge with other technologies.

Palm OS, Symbian Epoch and Window CE Operating systems used in different PDAs.

Real Player and MP3 Voice compression technologies enabling sound to be supplied/ downloaded from the web.

TiVo and Replay Networks Silicon Valley start-ups which provide teleportal technology which can search for and record TV programs based on topics. Teleportals also refer to Digital TV networks which provide an internet platform.

Transmeta Crusoe and ARM chips Examples of low power, high performance microprocessors typically used in mobile devices.

UTBMS – Uniform Task Based Management System A system predominantly used in the US which enables the providers and recipients of legal services to track confidential costing information by time and task and to implement budgeting systems utilising this information.

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol A protocol which converts web pages into text and enables the same to be displayed on small screens, such as telephones.

Willamette The code name for a chip from Intel which will replace Pentium III.