Gladiator battle

Olivia King, wife of Gladiator star Shadow, is heading for a legal battle with the media. She is taking action over a story about her relationship with Shadow which appeared in the Sunday Mirror on 5 February under the heading: 'Shadow beat me senseless – TV Gladiator star is drug crazed monster, says wife'. She claims the story was based on interviews she gave in confidence, so the newspaper could assess whether it wished to publish the information and how much it would pay. King, who will seek damages for breach of contract and breach of confidence, and a court ban on further publication, is represented by Peter Carter-Ruck & Partners.

Licensing loophole fails

A Soho sex show boss's attempt to open a licensing loophole over peep shows has failed. The Law Lords rejected an application for leave to appeal against an earlier High Court ruling that, even if near-naked girls gyrate provocatively for peep show punters without background music, the show proprietors still need a music and dance licence. They backed the ruling by Mrs Justice Smith that music was not essential for an activity to be classed as public entertainment that required a licence.