Givin’ it large

Lawyers can wheeze a sigh of relief and shove the Atkins diet, safe in the knowledge that the last bastion of discrimination – body fascism – has no place in the law.

A survey by the lovely folks at Manson Warner Healthcare confirmed that law firms are the least “fattist” employers in the UK. While 24 per cent of employers would prefer not to hire an obese candidate, just 5 per cent of law firms would shy away from hiring ample advocates.

Of course, no one would be surprised to learn that those superficial, coccaine-addled gym junkies in PR and marketing are the meanest to fatties. But it seems that law firms positively embrace lawyers of largesse – which is fantastic news for Tulkinghorn, too, who should now have no trouble filling those last two remaining lunch slots in June.

Just in case anyone is interested, Gordon Ramsay and Nobu both offer excellent carb-fuelled gastronomic experiences and are currently not included in Tulkinghorn’s lunch rounds.