Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners has hired partner Francesco Maria Salerno who joins the Brussels office from April 3rd.

Salerno has extensive experience in EU law dealing directly with matters engaged by the EU Commission and courts of Luxembourg. Apart from his role representing companies affected by antitrust regulations and investigations,Salerno assists on cases arising from state measures such as aids, the regulation in highly harmonised European sectors (such as digital, energy, transportation, post, banking and finance), as well as national competition-restrictive rules concerning the freedoms guaranteed by the internal European market.

Salerno joins the firm after 18 years’ service racked up with a leading international law firm where he began in 1999 working from its Rome offices. Having been appointed senior attorney in 2010 he transferred to the Brussels office of the firm in 2015.

After earning both Masters and PhD degrees from the London School of Economics, Salerno continued his academic and research interests and several of his articles and essays on State aids, independent authorities and antitrust issues have been published by European and American legal publishing houses.

Piero Fattori, head of Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners’ antitrust department states: “The ability to assist our clients in their needs concerning European regulation is becoming a structural element of what we offer. This hiring is the first step towards the further development of our firm’s presence in Brussels: a growth in which Salerno will have an important role, not only through deployment of his skills, but also by supporting the firm in scouting the best professionals on the market.”