Getting a grilling

Tulkinghorn feels he should warn potential recruits to Reed Smith (formerly Warner Cranston before it got all Yankee) to watch what they say. Just around the corner from the firm's sparkling new offices near Borough Market is a local fry-up institution, Maria's Café, which featured in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Bridget Jones's Diary. But anyone going for an interview at Reed Smith beware: such is Maria's loyalty to the firm after it acted for her pro bono after a compulsory purchase order was slapped on the café, that she acts as an unofficial recruitment consultant.

“If someone comes in with a suit, she'll always find out if they've had an interview with us,” says a mole. “And then she'll get into conversation with them and afterwards tell us whether we should take them on.”

Tulkinghorn has this advice for anyone wanting to work at Reed Smith: finish up your bubble and squeak, or you'll never get the job.