Gettin’ fly with Flea

Tulkinghorn’s scribes love to rock out when they get the chance, so it was with much glee that a bunch of them bounded into the mosh pit at the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ gig the other week with Slaughter and May partners Chris Saul, Andy Ryde and Dermott Rice.

The guys, who wowed everyone with tales of camping out to see The Who in 1972, were not content to tap their toes up the back of Earls Court, and bravely led the scribes deep into the mosh pit among the sweaty, shirtless men and screaming teenage girls (yes, the Chilis can still attract the screaming teenage girls).

Tulkinghorn is happy to report that none of the Slaughters crew got shirtless – but they did scream like the teenage girls!