Get ready for Boardroom Blitz

OK, you second-year law students. Reckon you could run a company? And make strategic commercial decisions that will keep your company in the black? Now's your chance to prove it. Piece together your dream team and enter the Berwin Leighton/ The Lawyer Boardroom Blitz.

City law firm Berwin Leighton has introduced a novel way for undergraduates to demonstrate their commercial acumen – a business game contested by university and college law students.

Berwin Leighton's Boardroom Blitz, which is supported by The Lawyer, has been devised to help law students prove their potential and develop their teamwork and decision-making skills. The aims of Boardroom Blitz are simple – just assemble a team, assume control of a fictional company and run it as profitably as possible.

The game will take place over a period of weeks and will culminate in a Grand Final at Berwin Leighton's London office.

Boardroom Blitz is designed for teams of second-year law undergraduates, each team consisting of at least five students.

The game begins with a practice round in November 1997, allowing the players to familiarise themselves with the way the game is played before the Blitz begins in earnest.

There will then be six competitive periods at weekly intervals, with a break in the middle for the Christmas holiday.

In each period, teams will complete a form, incorporating their strategic commercial decisions about the running of the business, and a nominated team leader will submit the form to a central game administrator by post or fax, and your results will be returned within a few days. The administrator will be available for guidance throughout the game, via a telephone helpline.

The five top-ranking teams at the end of the six periods will be invited to the Grand Final next spring, which will be followed by a reception and a prize-giving ceremony at the recently opened Globe Theatre on London's South Bank. The prizes will be presented by Lord MacLaurin, former chairman of Tesco plc and the current chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board. The Lawyer will be covering each stage of the competition and the Grand Final.

Berwin Leighton is encouraging as many universities, colleges and law faculties as possible to participate in the game, and has produced posters and leaflets, providing details of an appointed contact, the game itself and how to enter. These will be distributed during September and all entries must be received by 31 October.

Commenting on the launch of the competition, Berwin Leighton's managing partner, Robert Jones, said: “The concept of Boardroom Blitz was prompted by the performance of our own trainees in the national Prospects Cup business competition. Since 1991, our teams have been semi-finalists three times, finalists once and Legal Winners once. These results show that our trainee solicitors are bright and competitive – the key attributes required of lawyers of the future.”

Boardroom Blitz will be both fun and instructive, presenting an excellent opportunity for law students to demonstrate their potential.


To enter your team, just contact your Boardroom Blitz representative, whose name and contact details can be found on the posters advertising the game. You should be able to find these posters on your faculty noticeboard.

Your representative will make a note of your name and will officially enter you as a Boardroom Blitz contestant in your university/college team. But hurry – all teams must be entered by 31 October.