Get a grip on the law

Is this the latest marketing attempt by law firms to hook youngsters into a future career? Nintendo, that great companion to Tulkinghorn’s childhood, is about to release a new law-based game for its handheld split-screen DS console.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney puts you in the shoes of a rookie defence lawyer trying to make his name. The game allows you to “take on intriguing, unusual cases and use your courtroom skills to unravel some of the most outrageous and funniest trials you’ve ever seen”.

A career in law hasn’t looked this good since LA Law hit our TV screens. While this game focuses on criminal defence investigations and defences, Tulkinghorn was unable to confirm rumours with game developers Capcom that sequels would see our protagonist working 18-hour days proofreading AIM prospectuses in a never-ending hunt for an equity partnership.answering the phone whatever the time of day. Usually.

Tulkinghorn was taken aback last Wednesday (19 July) when, at the civilised hour of 9.15am, he picked up the phone to call a particular set and was greeted with a recorded message: “Hello. This is Wilberforce Chambers. We are currently closed.”

Luckily trying the clerk’s direct line proved more successful. But woe betide the hapless solicitor possessing the switchboard number only.