German CC partner faces shredding charge

Clifford Chance is embroiled in controversy as one of its Frankfurt-based
partners faces the prospect of criminal charges.

Corporate partner Kersten von Schenck is to face the German public
prosecuter later this year.

In 2003, Schenck who acted as notary to Deutsche Bank, shredded the first
draft of the meeting notes, which related to the bank’s Annual General
Meeting. He then submitted an amended one.

A Clifford Chance spokesman said that the version was amended only to
correct spelling mistakes and that this was standard practice for the vast
majority of notaries.

In an official statement, the firm commented: “Kersten von Schenck acted as
notary at Deutsche Bank AG’s annual general meeting in 2003 in full
accordance with the legal requirements, following exactly the proceeding
used by other notaries in similar annual general meetings. He acted entirely
properly and in compliance with the appropriate regulations.”