George Davies’s football seminars see employment practice score new clients

Manchester firm George Davies Solicitors has won a host of new employment work after launching a scheme to help football clubs nationwide with employment issues.

The firm has been on the road presenting free seminars to managers and other staff who operate ‘Football in the Community’ schemes. These schemes are organised by the Footballers’ Further Education and Vocational Training Society Trust in conjunction with professional football clubs.

As a result, George Davies has won new instructions from the Norwich, Birmingham, Watford and Crystal Palace schemes.

The seminars were launched in June and have been running throughout the summer with more planned for the future.

George Davies employment partner Alan Lewis said: “Football in the Community employs over 3,500 people across the country, and it’s vital that people running the schemes are aware of their legal responsibilities.”

The seminars cover numerous aspects of employment, including recruitment and dismissal procedures, issues of sick leave and disciplining.

The firm also plans to extend the type of seminars and training that it offers. “We plan to set up more training at a high level for some of the more senior managers,” said Lewis.

Although the seminars are free, Lewis said they had significant tangible benefits for George Davies. “As an exercise it’s expensive,” he said. “But it’s generated a lot of new business.”

The firm also counts the Professional Footballers’ Association among its employment clients.