Travers Smith has joined the growing list of firms to revise their gender pay gap figures to include partners, revealing a 60 per cent discrepancy on average for female members and staff.

The firm’s revised figures for London partners, fee-earners and staff means women at the firm pick up 60 per cent less on average than men, while the median is slightly lower at 50 per cent.

The combined bonus pay gap is larger still, with female lawyers and staff receiving on average 73 per cent less than their male counterparts.

Looking at just partners, Travers Smith’s gender pay gap is lower. Male partners receive on average 7 per cent more, while the median gap grows to 25 per cent.

Male partners also picked up bonuses that were 18 per cent higher than their female counterparts on average.

Female representation in Travers’ partnership was small at the time of reporting at nearly 16 per cent, making it one of the least diverse groups in the City.

This percentage grew to 20 per cent over 2017/18 after the firm promoted four new female lawyers last year.

Travers Smith announced its gender pay gap, excluding partners, two weeks ago. It was one of the first firms to provide a breakdown for fee-earner roles with male senior associates receiving 5 per cent more.

Without partners, Travers reported an average gender pay gap of 15 per cent, while the median came to 39 per cent.