Gateley Wareing's profits soar

Midlands-based firm Gateley Wareing has revealed a profit increase of 29 per cent on last year and a 26 per cent rise in turnover for the same period.

The 15-partner firm brought in gross fees of £9.5m in a year which saw the launch of its Nottingham office. This third Midlands office adds to existing bases in Birmingham and Leicester.

Next year's budget is set at £12m. But there are no plans for the firm to expand its geographical reach further.

Managing partner Peter Davies says: “There's no point for us to open other regional branches, we prefer to stick to the Midlands where we can offer a full range of services. We are especially well known for our banking work and want to operate in Midlands financial centres.”

The firm's clients include construction company Wimpy and several banks, including Barclays.

Corporate partner Mike Ward was recently elected senior partner to take over from Brendan McGeever, who will return to fee-earning.