Garrigues surpasses e250m revenue barrier

Garrigues is set to become the first Spanish firm to break the e250m (£170.14m) barrier, predicting a revenue growth of around 15 per cent this year.

A 15 per cent revenue increase would put the firm at e256m (£174.23m), a rise of e33m (£22.46m). The firm also grew by 15 per cent last year to hit e223m (£151.77m).

Co-managing partner Jose-Maria Alonso said: “We’re growing at between 15 and 16 per cent a year, but until the end of the financial year we won’t know for sure.”

The Garrigues partnership is also set to expand by 11 per cent to around 228 partners.

Alonso said: “Initially we’ll promote around 20 new partners, but they have to be passed by the managing committee.”

The firm is ramping up its international strategy this year, planning mergers in Latin America (The Lawyer, 16 April) and new offices in other developing markets.